Why is ARCH needed?

The focus of government policy would suggest a move away from the arts in schools, and although we know that many schools work hard to bring arts experiences to their pupils, there is nevertheless a strong need to encourage and support schools in this endeavour. Research and case studies have shown the enormous advantages of engagement in the arts for young people, and ARCH aims to give added value to this work for as many children and young people as possible within the District.

What is the connection with Heritage?

The Connections pilot project showed that there are enormous inspirational resources in the Stroud area and that guided research and investigation into the world of local heritage especially not only makes the young people and their families more aware of their heritage but also provides exciting starting points for creative work in the arts.

How does a school become an ARCH member?

All schools in the District receive an invitation to register for ARCH during the spring term. Between then and the end of the school year interested schools will be visited to discuss how they would like to participate during the following school year and to make ARCH aware of their existing practice and experience. An annual membership fee of £100 plus 25p per pupil on role is then payable to cover basic costs.

What can schools expect from their membership of ARCH?

There are two basic strands to the programme. The core programme has two elements: an opportunity for any young person in the school to follow an Arts Award and for staff or parents to receive support and training to become Arts Award advisers for their school; and opportunities for young people to experience live professional arts performances or exhibitions and events.
The second strand is about the creative arts projects inspired by heritage. The current model for these projects has a number of related elements:

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